Add fractions with unlike units - Practice

Activating the Accessibility Feature

The MathJax Menu triggers Assistive Technology (AT) to say “clickable” before each math element. This allows keyboard users to enter the MathJax Menu via the spacebar or menu key. To activate this feature, follow the steps below when using the math worksheet for the first time.

  1. Tab to a math problem.
  2. Hit the menu key.
  3. Hit the down-arrow key and select Accessibility submenu entry.
  4. Open the submenu entry and select hit the Activate command.

Saving Your Work

If you'd like to save your work so that you can pick up where you left off or to email your answers to a teacher, hit Ctrl+S. This will open the window where you can save your work. Hit Save. Your worksheet is now saved on your computer.

Use a rectangular fraction model to find the sum. Simplify your answer, if possible.

Question 1: 1 2 + 1 3 =
Question 2: 1 3 + 1 5 =
Question 3: 1 4 + 1 3 =
Question 4: 1 3 + 1 7 =
Question 5: 3 4 + 1 5 =
Question 6: 2 3 + 2 7 =

Solve the following problems. Simplify your answer, if possible.

Jamal used 1/3 yard of ribbon to tie a package and 1/6 yard of ribbion to tie a bow. How many yards of ribbon did Jamal use?

Over the weekend, Nolan drank 1/6 quart of orange juice, and Andrea drank 3/4 quart of orange juice. How many quarts did they drink together?

Nadia spent 1/4 of her money on a shirt and 2/5 of her money on new shoes. What fraction of Nadia’s money has been spent? What fraction of her money is left?

Some of the problems in this page are adapted from mashupmath. This worksheet was created by Rishab Pradeep, a Paths to Literacy volunteer contributor.